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Seven years after retiring from the NFL, Chris found himself at a crossroads in his life. Both of his parents had passed away, and he decided to make the ultimate life change. Chris packed up everything he owned and headed west to Los Angeles for training to become a minister. After six months, Chris ran out of money and was forced with a decision: go home to Ohio or follow through with his plan. Chris made the hard choice and stayed - living out of his car for the next three years while finishing his training.


Innovation is the keyword here. As Chris says, "The future of business is innovation." When Chris speaks to your group, you aren't getting somebody who just resorts to cliché's with your employees; Chris customizes his speech for your audience to come up with a motivational plan that is relevant and unique to your company. Chris uses his unique story, his preparation on your company, and his Three P's Motto - Patience, Perseverance, and Persistence - and combines them to give valid advice and motivation to make a real impact that recycled cliché's just can't do.


History does not alway predict the future, nor does past success guarantee future success. Never relying on previous success himself, Chris will help your company identify what its "gift and purpose" is. Using your "gift and purpose," Chris will inspire your company to create a business plan that will solve the next challenge on the horizon. If you're exercising your gifts, it will end in prosperity.


"Innovative people who come up with inventions that solve problems - they are the ones who fuel our economy and businesses. If you have innovation, you are important. We need to change the focus to become more innovative and productive than we currently are." - Chris Ward

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