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Chris was born in the inner city of Cleveland, Ohio in 1956. Abandoned by his birth parents, Chris was found by child services and was eventually adopted by an older couple, Earnest and Sara Ward. Raised by the Ward's in Dayton, Ohio, Chris' parents instilled old school values in their son - hard work, persistence, and patience. Growing up, it wasn't an option for Chris to not attend school or get stellar grades. His dedication and hard work paid off when he chose to attend The Ohio State University to play football for the Buckeyes.


While attending Ohio State, Chris was a standout football player. He was a three-time All-Big Ten honoree, a two-time All-American, an Academic All-Big Ten honoree, a team captain, and was eventually inducted into the Ohio State University Hall of Fame in 2000. After his successful playing career as a Buckeye, Chris was drafted 4th overall by the New York Jets in the 1978 draft. Chris then went on to have an extremely successful NFL career, playing for the Jets, the Saints, the 49ers, and the Dolphins.


After his successful NFL career, Chris fell on hard times and lived on the streets of Los Angeles for three years. Struggling to find his way, Chris was able to fall back on his upbringing and chose to further educate himself. He obtained a Bachelor of Biblical Studies, a Masters in Biblical Counseling, and a Doctorate of Theology. Chris was ordained as a minister in 1993, then founded Ward International Ministries in 2000. Chris is also a licensed real estate agent, a licensed life insurance agent, a licensed mortgage loan officer, and a licensed finanacial consultant.

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Chris Ward